RAC has a network of privately owned/franchised motor dealers that provide RAC warranties to their customers across the UK.

RAC’s representatives managing the network were finding it difficult to contact the dealerships, and so they were missing the opportunity to provide premium warranty support for their customers. The Info Group was brought in to develop a marketing strategy that would increase B2B growth and improve relationships with RAC’s dealership network.

The Info Group embarked on an intensive, tactical campaign utilising our in-house motor trade experts. This involved cleansing existing data, and reaching out to the dealer network with a text and a personal phone call. This outreach strategy enabled us to discuss the proposition with the network, and to incentivise them to book appointments with an RAC specialist.

The campaign was very successful. The data went through a cleanse process, and we achieved an 11% uptake on appointments for the RAC to make propositions to the dealer network. Final sales conversions are still coming through now. The campaign will continue into 2016-17.

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